Friday, January 28, 2011

Finger Dragons

Yep, it's a provocative title, isn't it? One day, a looooooong time ago (I'm not sure how long ago, but it was before Jonathan was born), Daddy made his fingers into a finger-puppet-like shape and had them talk to Isaac. And that, my friends, was how "finger dragons" were born. Isaac immediately decided on the name. I find it quite descriptive. In our house, we have Left and Right Mommy Finger Dragon, Left and Right Daddy Finger Dragon, Isaac Finger Dragon, and Jonathan Finger Dragon. Their favorite foods are the little blue lights that indicate which player the Wii remotes belong to. They like to hide under quilts. Unfortunately, they can't really talk while Mommy and Daddy drive (even though Isaac likes to make them try). Isaac gets frustrated that they have to help Jonathan eat, because, again, they can't really talk while doing so.
Why do I love Finger Dragons? Two reasons: 1) They made it easy for me to teach Isaac how to put on gloves ("Make a Finger Dragon and shove it in the glove") 2) When we're sitting in the doctor's waiting room/chapel foyer/auto repair parking lot and I have no toys to entertain my kiddos, all I have to do is start one of those dragons talking and *POOF* instant boy happiness! (times 2 - Jon loves them too)
Why do I dislike Finger Dragons? Mainly that Isaac wants them to talk in silly voices at rather embarrassing times - in the frozen food aisle, when we're driving the missionaries to church, etc. *Sigh* I guess it's just part of being a mom, eh?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Off the Phone

I feel like I'm always just posting pictures to hurry and get them off of my phone so I can take more... I really need to buy a camera...

Isaac wanted to build tunnels over his train tracks... Luckily, we have enough books to get creative.

REALLY creative. Amazingly enough, Thomas still ran under all of those tunnels.

We still haven't figured out what color Jon's eyes are... Maybe they're just hazel - I think they may be done changing.

Sammy hasn't had his picture on a post for a while, so I had to include him. Plus, I was excited that my fridge was clean enough to show his reflection!

We broke out the Halloween novelty shirts to use as p.j.s while I did the wash. The big white ghost still glows in the dark. He isn't too shiny when he's covered in oatmeal though.

Isaac loves that the GF pretzels make good rings. We call them "circle pretzels." I think we eat a lot of pretzels over here...

I don't remember why Isaac was hugging Jonathan - I think he was about to get in trouble and decided to preempt the apologetic hug.

Love the posture on that kid...

Isaac and the Babies - wouldn't that be a great band?

Jonathan likes having this bucket on his head. Isaac has been going around singing "Jon-o, Jon-o, you've got a bucket. You've got a bucket, Jon-o B., Jon-o B." What can I say, I've got weird kids.

Mark's birthday present. They're snack holders for his desk at work. I wish I was more creative, but all of my ideas come from the Internet. That's okay - my kids make up for my lack of originality.

I used an 8 inch pan instead of 9 for the cake. Um... I thought the middle was done, but OBVIOUSLY it wasn't. It made more of a donut than a cake.

Mark just said he liked the cake better that way. Good man.

Isaac has figured out how to take off two of the bars on the crib so he can squeeze in there with Jonathan. Quite frequently, this is how I find them.

We've got the alphabet down now, so Isaac and I have moved on to numbers. Much to his Daddy's chagrin, he's not as in to numbers as letters. I found an old sign from when Kent was doing political campaigns and used Sharpies to make a hop scotch mat. We've been practicing saying the numbers while we just run back and forth on it. Eventually, we might learn to play hop scotch. I'm not holding my breath.

Jon is ready to crawl - he pulls himself onto all fours now. I'm just waiting for the day he decides to take off. Now is the time I HATE having a split level house. Good thing we've got plenty of gates!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a Birthday!

This is just for Mark - but I'm cool with the universe reading it (obviously, since I'm posting it on my blog)... WARNING: It's super cheese.

Happy Birthday!!! I'm sure this day really should belong more to your poor mother who had to birth you and then put up with you until I took over (Sue, thank you for not killing him!), but I relish the opportunity to celebrate the fact that you exist. My life just wouldn't be the same without you - I mean, I probably would've married someone boring and never learned to like Peanut Butter Chicken (not the burrito part, just the chicken).

So, here's the Top 10 reasons I'm glad Mark Bailey was born:

1. So that I have someone to share my love of chocolate with (just ask anyone who joined us on our first date - we've got pictures of the chocolate-ness).
2. I've never met anyone else with a cute "nerd voice" before.
3. The world needs a man who gets ridiculously excited about math - excited enough to read math textbooks as bedtime stories.
4. My kids wouldn't be nearly as cute without your genes mixed in.
5. I didn't have to change any diapers for a whole WEEK after Isaac was born - you did every last one of them.
6. Nobody else would sit and listen to my extremely angry ranting and then just say "there, there" and expect me to settle down.
7. You totally understand my sense of humor, and you don't just think I'm stupid.
8. I know I don't remember meeting you, but I do remember that you looked very studly chasing down the soccer ball that popped soon after.
9. Our yard would've been a boring, dead-grass lawn because I'm just not in to gardening.
10. I really don't like my cooking. Isaac doesn't seem to like my cooking. It's awesome to have someone compliment it up and down (Jonathan doesn't count).

I love you baby! Hope this birthday was a good one!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Pantry, and Other Projects

I recognize that Mark will get after me for posting right now, since I'm supposed to be washing dishes... I said I would, and I will, but between the postpartum depression and the sleep deprivation, I better do something to remind myself that I don't hate my kids first. I figure that's more important.

I promised pictures of the pantry re-do, so here's what I've got so far (ran out of tape, so I have to buy more before I can finish):
The cereal boxes became holders for all the odds and ends that keep getting lost in the back of our deep shelves. I found three partially used bags of brown sugar that are rock hard. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and made me decide things had to change. So far we've been able to keep up with this system so I guess I picked the right one this time.

Here's the one shelf that is finished: (Ignore the jumble of containers in the middle - remember how I said I would never buy Kool-aid again? Apparently I never need to buy hot cocoa again either.)

Another project finished: I put those tags we painted last week on our FHE board (it only took me 6 days). Woot for finishing a project I started when I was pregnant with Isaac!

Project NOT finished... Potty training... We're making significant progress though - Isaac remembers at least twice a day now to go by himself! He got to wear James the Tank Engine underpants for most of the day yesterday (the Thomas ones were rejected, he's just not as cool as James, apparently). As long as I remember to go out and buy another bag of Rolos tomorrow, we should continue on track just fine.

The picture is in here just because I think Isaac looks cute when he's trying to imitate Bob the Builder.

And then there's my other two boys - Jon-o and Sam Dog. They're bonding this week. Both are feeling somewhat neglected in the wake of the Great Potty Training Adventure. I don't blame them. They're both self-sufficient and non-vocal enough to be ignored most of the day. Poor guys. At least they've got each other.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

6 Months!

Since I already posted all my cute pictures of Jon, we'll just post his stats from the doctor and a little update today... He's dropped out of the 97th percentile! Now we're down to 85th for height (27 1/2 inches) and 75th for weight (19 1/2 pounds). Hopefully he'll continue this way for a while, just so I can keep him clothed... I keep mixing up his clothes and Isaac's clothes when I'm folding laundry - they're too close to the same size (Isaac only weighs 27 pounds)! His new favorite food is lentils (seriously), but he's still happy to eat anything we offer. He also tried black beans this week - he's a fan. Don't worry, we feed him vegetables too - carrots and green beans aren't his favorite, but they're food, so he eats them. Guess which veggies he loves? Sweet potatoes and squash! Takes after his parents...
Jon has been a little lonely this week - we've spent most of it camping out in the bathroom trying to re-potty train Isaac. Luckily, Jon-o is a trouper and has been letting me devote my attention solely to the matter at hand. Good thing one of my kiddos is laid-back!

And, because I'm having one of those weeks, I just have to apologize to my parents for being stubborn EVER. Seriously. I'm sorry. Really sorry. Did you ever wish upon me that my kids would do the same to me? Because, if so, your wish was granted. Nope, I haven't yet wished it upon Isaac. I would feel bad for his wife and anybody else who ever came into contact with his children. I'm just trying to convince him that I'm as stubborn as he is. Honestly though, I think he may win this one... (BTW, we're NEVER buying microwave popcorn again. And probably never Kool-aid - not that we bought it much before...)

Monday, January 10, 2011


Professor J. H. Bailey

Welcome to History of Warfare 101.

Turn in your text to page 103...
Here we have an example of massive fashion failure. The current theory on why this chief was unable to lead a successful army was that his soldiers realized they were wearing skirts and knee socks - just like Catholic school girls. Hardly a fearsome uniform for war, unless you are Brittany Spears.

Any questions?

Class dismissed.
(Don't you love that sweater? I'm planning to put some elbow patches on it, I just haven't gotten there yet.) (No offense intended to those who choose to wear the traditional kilt - just make sure you have a properly ferocious tartan pattern.)

This and That

Lesson learned: DO NOT decide to just make enough play dough to use up the little bit of cream of tartar you have left in your pantry. A double recipe is deceptively large. Large enough to make LOTS of play dough. The last batch I made lasted a year and a half. We'll see how long this one goes...

We made the play dough just so we could cut out zoo animals. I got tired of it before Isaac did. He thoroughly enjoyed the octopus I made when I got bored with the cookie cutters.

He was just happy that the play dough was thick enough to make a lioness without her tail falling off.

Jon was just happy to be alive, as usual.

After the play dough, we decided to play dress-up. I'm finding that boys enjoy this just as much as girls - they just don't admit it. AND, they usually want to dress up in something uber masculine. Thank goodness the thrift store here has lots of camo. I don't know why the yellow necklace though. It blows the whole masculine look... (Yes Mikey, ANOTHER of your mission ties. We love them over here.)

Jonathan took a pacifier for the first time on Saturday. He also had a bunch of teething tablets (SO bummed that they're off the market now!) and some Tylenol. If those teeth don't make an appearance soon, I don't know what we'll do!

We were feeding Jon-o something messy. I don't remember what... Apparently something that warranted a bib even after being stripped down. Mark is just always impressed by the massiveness that is our son-the-younger. It's more obvious when he's shirtless.

And, since one has a topless photo for the world to see, we had to get the other one in on the action! Love the paint on his cheek...

This is what he was painting. We had a seriously successful family night, where we all painted name tags for our FHE board. Isaac layered paint on his, then we carved his name into the paint with the back of the brush. It turned out awesome.

Mark's and my tags. I know, we're not cool like our kids, but we had to give ourselves SOME credit for being creative. (Jon's is the tag with the big brownish splat on it - Isaac painted it for him)

Since it's been yucky out the last two days, the boys and I built a fort in the front room. We spent the majority of the day there.

The majority of the day playing computer games in there... *Sigh* I'm such a good mom.

For those who donated cereal boxes to the pantry redo and want to see pictures, HOPEFULLY I'll be able to finish that project by the end of the week. I've been working on it a shelf at a time, and I'm to the point that I can start wrapping and labeling the boxes. Seriously, I'm excited to see how it turns out. If it's just silly looking, I'll probably cry.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holy Crud...

As Isaac would say... (Yes, I taught him. Yes, I'm ashamed. No, it's not like it's THAT bad of a phrase, but it's hilariously horrible coming out of a 2 year old's mouth when he's upset.)

My boys each hit milestones tonight:

Jon-o can sit up on his own (for long enough that I got a glass of water, ran upstairs to get a diaper and p.j.s for him, then grabbed the phone to get this picture)

AND, Isaac can use the mouse on the laptop... Heaven help us. At least he was just surfing the HP commercials on youtube... Who has to limit their 2 year old's Internet usage???

AND, I have to add a couple things to the last post:

Isaac has been going around with a tape measure to see how long things are. He'll stretch the tape out, nod his head, and say "Yep, that's 2 pounds" no matter what he's measuring. (Hey, I was happy to be 2 pounds!)

Isaac grabbed a block the other night and was pretending it was a t.v. remote. He came up to Grandma Sue and said "Hey! I'm turning you on!"