Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daily 10 and The Cast

10 Phrases I Use Daily and Wish I Never Needed to Use Again:

1. We don't color the dog
2. Yes, it's a cute baby. Don't poke it.
3. Plants eat dirt, we don't.
4. Boogers stay in your nose or on a tissue, not on Mommy's shirt.
5. Just because Georgie (Curious George) did it doesn't mean it's a good idea.
6. You're in time-out because... (fill in the blank with any number of odd things...)
7. It's night-night time. Lay down and be quiet.
8. If you keep doing that, you're going to hurt yourself.
9. Forks don't belong in our ears.
10. I know you love Daddy best, but he's at work, so you're stuck with Mommy. I love you too.

Yesterday, Isaac got his "real" cast put on. I was planning to blog this earlier, along with the x-rays, but we lived in time-out again today, so this is as good as it gets... Anyway, I splurged and decided the extra money was worth it for a water-proof cast. The doctor seemed to enjoy my reaction - disbelief that she'd even ask if I "wanted" to spend the money - seriously, he's 2. A water-proof cast is totally worth it!!! The process of putting it on was interesting, and the only part Isaac didn't like was the fact that it got a little warm. When we were all done, he asked for another green Popsicle. I guess it wasn't that traumatic.
The bad news about the cast is that Isaac has realized he can totally do damage if he whacks someone with it. I have bruises and cuts already, and he's spent a lot of time in time-out. Three more weeks...
He's pretty proud of his "robot arm" though, and liked that I was taking pictures of it - as long as he still got his Popsicle.