Friday, June 15, 2018

It's summer!

Another month has gone by already?!
We drove to Salt Lake for another funeral - my Grandma Foote's. She was the most fun loving person I've ever met, and one of the most loving too. I'm so happy that she gets to be with Grandpa again!
While we were all together, we had to get some pictures with cousin Darren! They were watching trucks get off the interstate near Denny's.

Kai graduated from preschool, and his favorite part about that was that he got to paint a pair of shoes as a graduation present. They have laces, and he's gotten quite proficient at tying them. 

We've gone swimming a couple times now. Abi can't get enough of the water, or of her flamingos! 

Jon and Isaac each had a week at an art camp at their school. Jon did sculpture, and decided Sculpy is the best stuff ever. Isaac did painting, and came home with some new comic characters. They both had a great time. 

We went up to the Wool Market in Estes Park. It was so fun to see the animals, and all the neat fibers! The boys were more excited about Poppy's pizza and a quick hike on Grandma Sue's property, and Abi liked the shaved ice the best. 
Estes is ridiculously pretty right now. 

Isaac did his last Cub Scout Twilight Camp. It won't be missed. Mark took one for the team and chaperoned for our pack.  He wasn't put with Isaac's den. A painting activity turned into non- malicious (we hope) vandalizing of a church building, so Mark was there super late with our power washer trying to clean it up. Hoping Jon doesn't want to go next summer...
The big boys and Mark are taking kung fu classes. Jon, especially, is really improving quickly! They all are, but Jon definitely needed a physical outlet, so this has been great for him. 
We've spent a lot of time trying to revamp our backyard. This is the worst state it's ever been in, and starting over is a pain, but also kind of fun. It's nice to know I can't mess any of it up! We definitely made the right choice in letting go of the chickens - we just aren't good at balancing everything in this phase of life.
Other than all that, we're doing our best to goof off and enjoy summer! 

Oh, and I finally took down all of the Mother's Day cards the boys made. Here's Isaac's:


And Jon's:  (translation: Dear Mom, Crazy days are every day for you and I'm so sorry if I caused one. Thank you for doing stuff like dishes. They're like 😵. Love, Jon)

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Princess Bed

Last night, we converted the crib to a toddler bed. Abi calls it her "Princess Bed". She is super proud to have a big kid bed! (I may have cried a little...) 

Her favorite part? The ladybug sheets. They're not new, but apparently are more exciting without crib bars next to them. 

(Photo courtesy of Malachi, who is almost as excited as Abi.)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

A few of my favorite things

These two having random dance parties: 

Andalyn getting to be baptized, and having a husband who was willing and able to perform that ordinance for her. 

My sleeping beauty: 

The fact that empty diaper boxes are so fun. 

Penny horse rides at the grocery store. 

A kiddo who loves to sing (and a friend who managed to get a picture of Isaac in the honor choir)(those kids sang brilliantly and Isaac has already asked to do it again next year): 

This kid's quirky sense of style (yes, he dresses like this for school everyday)

Getting to be home with these guys every day

Having had these ladies for a few years, and having found them a retirement home now (apparently, they've assimilated really well already) 

Coming home from Estes after a good trip to watch the duckies

More style! 

Robots! (this one was Jon's)

No pictures of Isaac's birthday party, because it was INSANE! But he loved it, and that's what counts. We did our murder mystery (Brittany did a fabulous job as the villain!), enjoyed a creamsicle ice cream cake (definitely the hardest I've had to pull off so far - none of the top 8 allergens, and still tasty), and stayed up until way-too-late-o'clock. Super fun, and super exhausting!  Worth it for a happy birthday boy!
Speaking of the birthday boy, he didn't get his usual birthday post this year, but that doesn't mean he's any less loved and appreciated! Isaac is still our poet and artist, super helpful around the house, and just a sweet, caring guy. This year, he's all about tacos (he and his friends are constantly singing "It's Raining Tacos"), the color orange, and having perfect hair. And he gives awesome hugs!

Monday, April 16, 2018

There is too much. Let me sum up...

The last two months have been insane! I'm sure I'll leave stuff out, but here's the list I can remember:
Grandpa Wallace passed away. I still miss his weekly letters. We drove out to Salt Lake for the funeral. On the way back, I-80 got shut down, and we got stuck in Laramie. We lucked out, and were able to take 287 home, once it opened about 14 hours after we got stuck.
Daylight Savings sucked. As usual.
Spring Break was glorious! And then it snowed again. But the kids were glad for what time they did have to enjoy the outdoors.
Isaac went to Ameritowne and got to be a bank file clerk. He was disappointed, because he really wanted to be a teller, but a bunch of the other kids were super jealous because they'd wanted his job. I think that helped soothe his disappointment a little.
Everybody got sick. Over and over. Isaac is still on antibiotics for an ear infection.
Mark was carrying Abi and rolled his ankle. He did a great job not dropping her! But now he gets to be on crutches for a while.
Someone broke into the Lexus again. There's never anything worth stealing in there, but we still have to fill out a police report. Super frustrating!
Isaac and Jon went to their first sleepover party. They came home VERY tired and grumpy. And excited to do it again.
Abi cut her canine teeth (finally!) She is super relieved, and not chewing on everything in sight anymore.
The kids were watching a video on my phone, while it was resting on the arm of a chair. Abi fell asleep, flopped over, hit the phone with her head, and knocked it on the floor. The screen completely shattered. The boys were horrified. Still waiting on the replacement.
I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting. It's the first time I've been nervous to give a talk in a very long time. Happy to report I didn't throw up or pass out. Success!
Pinewood Derby happened. Our cars were slow. We had fun anyway! Love having a completely non-competitive pack!
Fun stuff coming up: Isaac has district honor choir with an awesome director. The music choices are so-so, but I think Isaac is going to love the experience.
Isaac's birthday party - if I can pull it off, we're having a murder mystery dinner, followed by sleepover, and a pancake breakfast.

This girl picks her own outfits now...

We made "hot cocoa cookies", and the kids LOVED them.

The view from 287 as we left Wyoming on the way back from the funeral. So glad I don't live in Laramie!

Spring Break

She loves having her hair done. One day she'll have enough hair to do...

I love it when legos take over.

The end of Spring Break:

This potato developed too much personality. Abi loved it. Then she wanted to eat it, but without cutting it up. We compromised by giving it a bionic body.

This dude needs a haircut, but he's still ridiculously awesome!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Now that I've been reminded

Before February ends, I guess I should post some more pictures, since my mom reminded me I hadn't shared in a while.
February has been filled with being sick, Cub Scouts, Robotics Club, making paczki (only did it once, but it takes all day!), LOTS of homework, kindergarten testing, Abi starting Nursery, and a little bit of snow.

I was tired of everybody spending all evening on screens, so I laid out paper and art supplies on the floor. Turns out everybody loved it.

Jon wanted new shoes...

I guess he liked this one.

These two are fast outgrowing bath time together, but I'm enjoying the time they still have.

This happened a lot recently:

Abi felt like one night of coloring the big paper wasn't enough.

But this guy would rather tell me stories (LONG, involved stories).

Math homework.

Still loves being a pony!

I was just putting shoes on to go to the store, and came back to her totally asleep here.

He wasn't asleep, but wanted to be.

To decorate Valentine's boxes, I bought a bunch of self-adhesive googly eyes. Abi found another use for the extras.

Lately, she's insisted on sleeping with Pandachan (I think that's how you spell it...) and a book.

I don't know why we worried about her having a hairbrush - she still doesn't have much hair.

But she's cute anyway!