Sunday, January 22, 2017

Missing Pieces

A few pictures I've neglected to post while trying to keep up with life...

This was how we spent my birthday: shooting Stomp Rockets in the house...

Kai pinched his arm, so we put a bandage on it. Turns out he was allergic to the bandage.  He kept saying his bandaid hurt, and we assumed he was referring to the injury, so we didn't check it out right away. This picture was in the beginning of December. It still looks pretty bad. 

Jon presented his own celebration in class. He made up Drink Up Day. It's in July, and the day is all about drinking as much as possible of your favorite beverages. 

Abi will not be enjoying orange juice for Drink Up Day; turns out she's allergic to citrus (those hives just kept going)...

These guys worked together to wrap Christmas presents for everybody. Maybe we'll get them some elf hats next year. 

I know I'm biased, but I think this girl is gorgeous. 

Mark decided our produce needed faces again. 

Isaac prefers to keep his art in notebooks. He's taking art lessons from Brittany now, learning how to sketch. I'm proud of him for exploring a different style of art from his usual. 

I got out the pastels for him, and he thoroughly enjoyed that medium as well. 

Kai's favorite medium is cheese. 

Abi gladly admires his work, as does Jeeves.

Actually, Abi admires any food...

Kai and I poured all of our spices into new jars. He thought using the funnel was awesome. 

Abi was bored. 

So was Jeeves.

Abi was happy when Isaac got home though. She loves him. 

I think he might like her a little too. 

But not Kai. He doesn't like anybody. Just ask him. 

That girl and her food again. 

Jon continues his love affair with Zeezer-Jacques (for those who don't know, that's what he has named the Duplo piece with the pulley).

Kai doesn't love people, but he's been loving the dregs of his Halloween candy. 

That girl and her food again. 

I love that kid. 

Yes, food again. And a sensory bag. With green duct tape. Because babies, shaving cream, and duct tape make my day more exciting. (Especially if you say that with no context...)

Jeeves loves that these two love food. 

A very sleepy girl. 

Aunt Brittany let the boys give her a makeover. She's awfully brave! 

Isaac doesn't hold still, but Jon looks fab!

Sally Sheep

Abi discovered books. Her favorite is called Sally Sheep's New Nibbles. It's about a sheep who decides to find out what the other farm animals eat.  Mark and I have strong feelings about this book - in the words of Gru: "You like this? This is garbage!" We keep it around anyway, because I'm a sucker for that face.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We Meet Again...

Why, hello Back-of-the-Dishwasher! It's been a while!
You know how they say during renovations, expect that everything that can go wrong will go wrong? Yeah... I thought we were past that point. Apparently, the plumbing in this part of the wall/floor disagreed. So, we're down a kitchen sink and a dishwasher again. (It wasn't the dishwasher's fault this time!)

Also, while we've been distracted by renovation stuff, an army of rat-men moved in under our brand new floor in the front room. Just kidding - it's only mice. We've caught 11 so far. (I wish I was kidding about the "army" part.)

Also, Happy Birthday to my awesome hubby, who is still managing to be awesome, in spite of the house trying to kill us.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mike Got Married!

Mike and Brittany tied the knot!  (That's right, he's no longer a menace to society!) (This post has very few pictures of the bride and groom, because we were trying to stay out of the real photographer's way.)

Isaac was trying hard to be a great photographer. One of these days we'll buy a decent camera for him to use...

S-boy was the Best Man, and Kristi was a bridesmaid. Which meant they had to wear fancy clothes and have less time to play with babies than the rest of us did. 

I got to meet my newest nephew, Darren. He's just a few weeks older than Abi, and just as cute! 

Kristi looked super cute, even when she was (obviously) bored out of her mind. 

By this time of the night, Mike was ready to call it a day. 

Seeing as how our newest sister was occupied with wedding stuff, the other three of us decided we needed to take some photos of our own. 

Grandma tried hard to get all 5 grandkids to cooperate for a good picture. 

But they just weren't having it...

Man, where was those boys' mother? 

Even if they didn't cooperate well, it's pretty obvious all those kiddos love their grandma! 

Abi was happy to snuggle up with her Daddy and nap. 

Until her spidey-senses kicked in and told her there was food. (This girl and her gingersnaps...)

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

There's something magical about glimmering tree lights.

Mark and I stayed up entirely too late building the boys a kitchen to match ours.

Stockings and Santa bags ready to roll! 

They were supposed to be chef's hats and mustaches, but I think Jon looks more like a certain Mario brother. 

Kai wore his hat for all of 30 seconds...

But Abi played along well! 

So did Uncle Mike. 

And soon-to-be-Aunt Brittany. 

Even Grandma Sue joined the fun! 

And then the mustaches became eyebrows...

So we adjourned to the kitchen. 

After breakfast, we got all dolled up and headed to church. It was a short service today, filled with beautiful music and thoughts on Christ. Abi let me take her picture in her Christmas outfit:

These two joined us, since next Sunday it'll be officially their ward too! (Can you tell why my boys LOVE them?)

After church, it was right back to playing. 

Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours!