Friday, November 10, 2017

A glimpse

Here's a glimpse of how this week has gone:

We ended Family Home Evening early when three of us broke out in hives, and my lips swelled up. Luckily, Benadryl is always on hand, and works great! Identified the offending food when we had it again two nights later, and Isaac was sick to his stomach, and I had hives and my eye swelled shut. No more frozen pizza for us!
Abi finally slept through the night again!!! For the first time in months. Feeling a little less like a zombie.
Isaac learned not to procrastinate homework when he found out the due date was a day earlier than usual. After a late night and an early morning, there was still a page done hurriedly in the car on the way to school. Somehow, his handwriting was still beautiful. (That kid has amazing penmanship!)
Kai's teacher resigned this week, to take care of a (very) sick daughter. I thought he'd be devastated, since he loves her, but he took it in stride. He's excited to meet his new teacher, and has plans to send his old one some pictures in the mail.
There's a new family in our ward with a daughter Jon's age. They just tore out their kitchen, so we had them over for dinner. That girl wanted Jon's attention the whole evening. At first, he was glad to give it (she's really cute), but then he started getting grumpy. I asked him about it later, and was informed that "she's just too high maintenance to be my type."
Jeeves ate his coat. I guess he's going to be a little cold this winter.
We decided it was time for Valkyrie to be done with her service. The other four hens are a little relieved. Isaac wasn't ready to eat one of our own, so Mike and Brittany got the honors. Mark is still a little jealous.
Abi has learned to climb up, but not down. I've rescued her from the step ladder, the kitchen peninsula, her little table, a shipping box, and the step stool in the bathroom. I honestly didn't think she'd be as difficult a toddler as Kai was, but, apparently, I was wrong...

Here's a few pictures:

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Happy Halloween!

I know it's early, but our ward Trunk or Treat was last night, and that was really the big event for us. We had Harry Potter, Max (Jon's favorite self inspired super hero), a skeleton (when he puts on the hat, he says he's a paleontologist), and Rainbow Dash. Mark and I dressed up too, but our costumes totally didn't come off - We were aiming for Shaggy and Velma, but we came off as fat and frumpy. At least we had fun!
(Also, we found out the hard way that fun sized Butterfingers are gluten free, but mini sized are not.)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The little guys

Kai insisted he needed a firehouse.

For all the My Little Ponies... I've got a couple "bronies" over here, and I couldn't be happier about it!

We're working on writing, and he's been enjoying writing the same sentence on anything he can get his hands on. ("Abi and Malachi see Jeeves the dog.") Also, I love how he sits!

This dog is so patient with Kai!

Abi has been struggling with sleep lately. Hoping for more teeth soon.

She got into the jar of massage oil we use on the kids' feet at bedtime, and drenched her hair with it. (Not fun to clean up, but she smelled great!)

Her Halloween costume is pretty much done! Just needs a cutie mark. It's nice to still have one who isn't picky about their costume.

Because washing dishes definitely calls for chocolate popsicles.

Playing house with a friend's nursery toy. See that thing Abi is carrying around?

Here's the "thing" up close. My mom made this doll for me when I was little. She's been a bit over loved... Abi loves her as much as I did, so i decided it was time for a little plastic surgery.

Here she is now! New face, hair, and legs. Had to patch a few holes on her arms and re-sew her head into her body, but I tried to keep as much of the original doll as possible, while updating her.

Abi seems happy with the result. (She still just carries the doll around by the hair.)

Kai went on his first field trip! He loved getting to go to the Fall Festival with his classmates.

His classmates... And Abi...

Taking a preschool class photo is nearly impossible! This was as good as we could get.

Don't worry, the big boys still exist. They were working hard on quarter final projects and such, so they didn't do much after school besides homework, chores, and collapsing in front of the tv. We're all enjoying their Fall Break, so maybe I'll get a couple pictures of them for my next post.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

It's Fall

The weather went from summer to autumn overnight Friday into Saturday. Now it's cold and wet. We planted a couple new grape vines and moved a pear tree yesterday. I'm hoping they like the rain!
We've moved into autumn mode over here too; sick kids is the norm now. Last week, Jon threw up, so he missed church. This week, it's Kai. The Primary program is coming up, and they keep missing practices. Hopefully, we've worked with them enough that they don't feel super nervous with their parts. Isaac is singing a solo this year, and this is Kai's first program, so I'm sure there will be some butterflies no matter how much we practice. They're awesome dudes though, and I know they'll be great!
I had to post this picture of Abi because this is quintessentially her. She's got all her shiny stuff (the puppies on her shirt are glittery, in addition to the necklaces she put on, and the sequined ears on the headband), she has her favorite pink blanket, and is dipping Veggie Straws into half an avocado. (Not pictured, but she decided to really walk this week! Not sure wether to be super excited or super terrified.)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Things I Missed

I feel like the last month and a half was just a blur. School started for all the boys (totally didn't get a first day of school photo of Kai, because we were almost late), Uncle Greg and a troop of 5 kids came to visit (Arwen and Caedmon were included in that 5), we went to Casper, had multiple birthdays, and all got sick. Oh, and Abi hasn't slept longer than a 3 hour stretch since we got back from Casper...
So, I missed posting some things, since I was just trying to stay as caught up as possible. Here they are:

Abi's birthday cake

We celebrated a few days late, which meant we caught Grandma Sue's birthday too.

How Abi felt about the cake:

After a bath, she was slightly more enthusiastic about opening presents.

First day of school for the big guys!

These two like to camp out together, just outside the bathroom door while I'm in there.

Abi helped make sure the tent was totally flat.

She did great in the drive up to Casper. (We won't mention how she did on the 12 hours back...)

Kai needed a sweatshirt. And a Halloween costume. Two birds with one stone!

My kids love the lavender. And they happened to be dressed up. And the lighting was awesome.

Kai prefers the dandelions.