Friday, March 24, 2017

We Run For Fun

Hey, I bet I can run faster at the school Fun Run than you can!

No way, man! I'm totally faster than you are!

Look at me, I'm a blur!

Seriously? Is that the best you've got?

Naw, but it was pretty good, right?

Well yeah, I guess it was pretty good... But I can totally do better!

What?! I'd love to see you try!

Eh, I would, but this poor kid looks thirsty. Can't ignore a brother in need!


(Jon ran 34 laps and Isaac ran 37. They both did great!)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Abi Got a New Dress

So we took some pictures.
Kai was too busy running around, but he was here too.

We also sang the musical number in church today. It was "Abide With Me," and Isaac did the whole first verse solo, and acapella. He sounded like an angel. Based on the compliments he got, he didn't even look nervous (which he was, but he made those butterflies fly in formation). I'm hoping we can get together a recording to post soon, but I'm sure that won't do his voice justice. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Old Man Jon

Jon had his 100th day of first grade a couple weeks ago. His teacher had an app that age-progressed their photos, so she put that with their description of themselves at age 100. I think Jon looks like a little old lady...

Jon's essay: When I'm 100 years old I will eat cookies all day! I will have 5 kids and 30 grandkids. I will eat ice cream all day. Yoooooo! I love ice cream! (BOOM)

He also wanted to document his skills at dumping refried beans into a container without screwing up their can shape.

We got a new game that all 3 boys enjoy (woot!), called Outfoxed. Worth playing, even in pajamas.

These two are best friends now. Kai can always make Abi laugh.

I can't blame her; he's pretty fun.

Aunt Brittany spoiled Abi with a new outfit. Abi enjoys eating the skirt.

She gets into her food.

I love this guy!

Normally, I hate sippy cups, but this one is awesome! It's the Munchkin Miracle 360. Worth every penny.

These two are Kai's photography skills:

All 5 hens are laying now! I guess that means it's spring!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

7 Months

Still no teeth for my Abi girl, but she gums the heck out of spinach, baby bok choy, apples, pears, carrots (no joke), and celery. Her FAVORITE food is roasted sweet potatoes.
She can rotate on her belly, and sometimes she even gets up on all fours. (Her brothers have no idea what's about to hit them!)

The dog is RIDICULOUSLY jealous, but accepts that Abi is above him in the chain of command. She's not super gentle yet, but he still lets her pet him. He prefers to keep a safe distance though.

In other news, we have yet another new refrigerator! I alluded to it two weeks ago, but didn't specify: our other one caught fire (not kidding). The big tragedy there was that I had just bought ice cream...

Sunday, February 12, 2017


It's totally worth handing the baby a lollipop you found in the bottom of the diaper bag. Times when you've had a rough week (ANOTHER fridge died yesterday), forgotten the pacifier when you went to church, and your baby has missed two naps already.
At least it matched her dress...

Thursday, February 2, 2017

6 Months!

So... I'm feeling a little bad here, because Abi didn't get a 4 or 5 month post. I guess that just comes with being the 4th child. At least her pictures have been posted a few times, so I can prove to her in her teen years that she existed and I loved her...
Abi is sitting like a pro now! She still loves to pretend she's Superman, still loves to read Sally Sheep, and still fusses if I forget her headband. She took to sleep training pretty well, and has a regular routine of reading Sally Sheep, screaming while I sing to her, and crying for almost exactly 4 minutes every time I put her down. And then she wakes up happy. I'll take it!
Abi's favorite foods are sweet potatoes, pears, peas, apples, rice, oatmeal, and lentils. She eats EVERYTHING, and in quantities rivaling Jon's food consumption as a baby.
She's still happy 99% of the time, super sweet, and definitely adored.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


The dishwasher is back where it goes! And we can use the kitchen sink again! So, this last week was much better than the week before. We also got a couple newer projects finished up. My favorite: the wall in the front room: (just ignore the vacuum cleaner I didn't get around to putting away before I took the picture...)

Who else has a Trogdor pot for their dracaena? I'm thinking I need more of them. With consummate v's. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look up "Trogdor" on YouTube. You're welcome.)

Kai fingerpainted for the first time. I know, he's three and has never fingerpainted before... Winning at this parenting thing...

He still doesn't like anybody though.

It turns out that 8 loaves of bread per week isn't enough anymore. Somebody over here thinks he's about to grow another 3 inches. Also, Abi totally eats EVERYTHING.

While I was baking, Kai found a paintbrush to use with his fingerpaints. It was... creative.

Speaking of creativity, he's started drawing things that look like "things" now.

He's also learning to write his name.

And build "pyramids" with dogs.

All of the boys got sets of these toys with gears for Christmas. Kai demanded I take a picture.

Abi got a basket for the books in her room. She's not big on tipping it over yet, but I know that day is coming.

I never posted pictures of her room. This is my favorite wall. (Headbands!)

And the rest of the room:

More baking!

Valentine's M&Ms make my heart flutter.

So does this girl.