Monday, April 16, 2018

There is too much. Let me sum up...

The last two months have been insane! I'm sure I'll leave stuff out, but here's the list I can remember:
Grandpa Wallace passed away. I still miss his weekly letters. We drove out to Salt Lake for the funeral. On the way back, I-80 got shut down, and we got stuck in Laramie. We lucked out, and were able to take 287 home, once it opened about 14 hours after we got stuck.
Daylight Savings sucked. As usual.
Spring Break was glorious! And then it snowed again. But the kids were glad for what time they did have to enjoy the outdoors.
Isaac went to Ameritowne and got to be a bank file clerk. He was disappointed, because he really wanted to be a teller, but a bunch of the other kids were super jealous because they'd wanted his job. I think that helped soothe his disappointment a little.
Everybody got sick. Over and over. Isaac is still on antibiotics for an ear infection.
Mark was carrying Abi and rolled his ankle. He did a great job not dropping her! But now he gets to be on crutches for a while.
Someone broke into the Lexus again. There's never anything worth stealing in there, but we still have to fill out a police report. Super frustrating!
Isaac and Jon went to their first sleepover party. They came home VERY tired and grumpy. And excited to do it again.
Abi cut her canine teeth (finally!) She is super relieved, and not chewing on everything in sight anymore.
The kids were watching a video on my phone, while it was resting on the arm of a chair. Abi fell asleep, flopped over, hit the phone with her head, and knocked it on the floor. The screen completely shattered. The boys were horrified. Still waiting on the replacement.
I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting. It's the first time I've been nervous to give a talk in a very long time. Happy to report I didn't throw up or pass out. Success!
Pinewood Derby happened. Our cars were slow. We had fun anyway! Love having a completely non-competitive pack!
Fun stuff coming up: Isaac has district honor choir with an awesome director. The music choices are so-so, but I think Isaac is going to love the experience.
Isaac's birthday party - if I can pull it off, we're having a murder mystery dinner, followed by sleepover, and a pancake breakfast.

This girl picks her own outfits now...

We made "hot cocoa cookies", and the kids LOVED them.

The view from 287 as we left Wyoming on the way back from the funeral. So glad I don't live in Laramie!

Spring Break

She loves having her hair done. One day she'll have enough hair to do...

I love it when legos take over.

The end of Spring Break:

This potato developed too much personality. Abi loved it. Then she wanted to eat it, but without cutting it up. We compromised by giving it a bionic body.

This dude needs a haircut, but he's still ridiculously awesome!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Now that I've been reminded

Before February ends, I guess I should post some more pictures, since my mom reminded me I hadn't shared in a while.
February has been filled with being sick, Cub Scouts, Robotics Club, making paczki (only did it once, but it takes all day!), LOTS of homework, kindergarten testing, Abi starting Nursery, and a little bit of snow.

I was tired of everybody spending all evening on screens, so I laid out paper and art supplies on the floor. Turns out everybody loved it.

Jon wanted new shoes...

I guess he liked this one.

These two are fast outgrowing bath time together, but I'm enjoying the time they still have.

This happened a lot recently:

Abi felt like one night of coloring the big paper wasn't enough.

But this guy would rather tell me stories (LONG, involved stories).

Math homework.

Still loves being a pony!

I was just putting shoes on to go to the store, and came back to her totally asleep here.

He wasn't asleep, but wanted to be.

To decorate Valentine's boxes, I bought a bunch of self-adhesive googly eyes. Abi found another use for the extras.

Lately, she's insisted on sleeping with Pandachan (I think that's how you spell it...) and a book.

I don't know why we worried about her having a hairbrush - she still doesn't have much hair.

But she's cute anyway!

Sunday, February 4, 2018


I'm not sure what happened to January... It just went. We all caught the flu. We're down to three hens. Mark had a birthday. Kai started the kindergarten testing process. Abi had a language explosion and cut two canine teeth. Isaac and Jon finally went an entire week without being tardy for school. Jeeves had a bath, and we forgot to put his collar back on. For two weeks...
Honestly, most of the month was a mental and emotional challenge for me. For the past 18 months or so, I've had hives every day. I figured it was just due to stress, until December. The hives were getting progressively worse, and my throat kept swelling slightly. Mark had been bugging me to go to the allergist, but I shrugged it off - after all, if I could get a handle on my stress levels, I'd be fine, right? Nope... I finally had an episode that left me genuinely scared (and totally doped up on benadryl and zyrtec...), so I scheduled an allergy test. Turns out I'm allergic to peanuts, dairy, soy, and eggs. (Oh, and feathers... Sorry chickens.) The nurse ended my diagnosis/prescription paper with "Avoid milk, eggs, soy, and peanuts, to an extent" and a happy face. Maybe she was trying to make up for my unhappy face?
Food allergies are generally not something easy to deal with, but I'm having to make some big shifts in my thinking. I was mostly vegetarian - eating meat once a month or so, at most - depending on eggs, peanut butter, and tofu for most of my protein. I've never liked milk, but cheese was big in my diet. Now, suddenly, if I want to stay vegetarian, I have to be vegan, but without soy or peanuts... Still trying to not eat a ton of meat, but beef is back on our weekly menu.
I've spent the last few weeks mourning over all the foods I can't have, avoiding them strictly for a few days, testing alternatives that turned out to be gross, trying to eat the forbidden foods anyway, and ending up with hives again. I remember doing this with gluten (which the allergist confirmed was an autoimmune response, not an allergy), and being miserable for months before I finally snapped out of it and just gave up fighting my body. I'm hoping I'm smarter this time and can just be done with the fighting now. It's exhausting. And itchy.
Wow, that was a lot about me... Anyway, January was all about meal planning, new recipe finding, new ingredient trying, rethinking the food budget, and emotional eating. And somewhat neglecting everything else. BUT I did manage to take A picture of my little guys patting their heads and rubbing their tummies while they helped me bake bread. So, there's that.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy New Year!

I took zero pictures on Christmas, and feel absolutely no guilt about it. Best present of the year? Indoor foam pogo jumpers. (Mark and I bought more for ourselves...)
For New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, we played board games. The new favorite is Robo Rally. Even Kai gets into that one!
Brittany left us some Pop-its, but it was WAY too cold to go outside and throw them. The kids solved that problem by opening the front door just far enough to throw them out. Only a few popped back in.

All of the boys made it to midnight. They decided it wasn't worth it.

Kai made it to midnight by trying to refill the poppers we had done at 10 (thinking the kids would go to bed soon after).

Abi started the morning by finding her own food.

One of the kids had doctor's orders to do a bowel clean out. We attempted to make it more fun. (At least some of us had more fun.)

Apparently, these guys don't like red pears.

But Abi is a fan of most other fruit.

Mark got a router and table for his birthday. Abi helped set it up.

What's a new year without new shoes?! Kai had something very specific in mind: green slip on sneakers. I looked EVERYWHERE, and couldn't find any he liked. So, I painted some canvas sneakers from Wal-Mart. He's beyond thrilled. Abi was jealous. Found my new calling in life: shoe designer...

Saturday, December 23, 2017

I Scream, You Scream

Jon has had some big struggles in school this year. His teacher has been awesome in working with us, and we finally got the right outside help too, but it's been a rough ride for him. Last week, he hit a goal we knew was crazy difficult for him, so we went straight out for ice cream on the way home from school. So proud of him for persisting, even when it seemed impossible!
The other kids were pretty dang excited for him, even before they knew about the ice cream. It's nice that they each have a built-in cheering squad.

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Brittany borrowed our house for a gluten free Christmas cookie decorating party. It was super fun! We had a house full of kids running at top speed, adults drinking tons of wassail, and teens and young adults competing to decorate teeny gingerbread cookies. Thoroughly enjoyed by all, except the doggies who had to stay outside.