Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Things I Missed

I feel like the last month and a half was just a blur. School started for all the boys (totally didn't get a first day of school photo of Kai, because we were almost late), Uncle Greg and a troop of 5 kids came to visit (Arwen and Caedmon were included in that 5), we went to Casper, had multiple birthdays, and all got sick. Oh, and Abi hasn't slept longer than a 3 hour stretch since we got back from Casper...
So, I missed posting some things, since I was just trying to stay as caught up as possible. Here they are:

Abi's birthday cake

We celebrated a few days late, which meant we caught Grandma Sue's birthday too.

How Abi felt about the cake:

After a bath, she was slightly more enthusiastic about opening presents.

First day of school for the big guys!

These two like to camp out together, just outside the bathroom door while I'm in there.

Abi helped make sure the tent was totally flat.

She did great in the drive up to Casper. (We won't mention how she did on the 12 hours back...)

Kai needed a sweatshirt. And a Halloween costume. Two birds with one stone!

My kids love the lavender. And they happened to be dressed up. And the lighting was awesome.

Kai prefers the dandelions.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Kai Turned Four!

So... We were too busy camping on Kai's birthday to get any pictures. We went up to Casper to see the eclipse, which just happened to be Kai's birthday weekend. AND our trip up to Wyoming overlapped our cousins' drive from Yellowstone to Mount Rushmore, so we had Aaron, Gabriella, Grandma Sue, Uncle Scott, Aunt Julie, our family, Jeeves, and a few hundred other campers to hang out with. Other campers even caught on and serenaded our little guy with "Happy Birthday." I don't think I've ever seen him smile so big!
I had made Minecraft themed cake pops to take in the cooler, and we got some freeze dried ice cream. That was enough for a birthday party. (I remembered birthday candles, but forgot matches. Luckily, hundreds of other people were camping right next to us...)
Kai is small but mighty! He still wears 2T pants, but he's incredibly bold, and will talk anyone's ear off. He loves any activity where he can run, climb, jump, swing, or dance. He's fiercely protective of his little sister, and adores his older brothers. His favorite color is green, but he's red-green colorblind, so I haven't figured out if he actually likes green or just a certain shade of brown... He passed his food challenge for fish (no more Epi-pen!), but still hates salmon. He'll eat it if bribed with mint chocolate chip ice cream though!
Kai is the only kiddo in his Primary class, which he prefers, because he gets his teacher all to himself. He's super excited to start preschool and meet new friends though. (And has requested to go by "Malachi" instead of just "Kai" while he's at school.)
We love our little angel!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Birthday Photos

I decided to try taking Abi's birthday photos myself. I learned a lot... But I think they came out pretty well in spite of my noob-ness. It helps to have an awesome subject!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Joyful First Birthday

Abi is officially a year old today. She had a rocky start, but you'd never know it now!

She is EVERYWHERE, chasing those brothers of hers. They adore her - Jon even burst into tears when she had her shots today, because he was so upset that she was hurting. She's got the right name: "My father's joy." That man can't get enough of his little girl. I love having a female buddy around! The boys are fun, but I enjoy having somebody who likes going shopping and eating chocolate with me.

Abi is always smiley and laughing. Her favorite pastime is dancing. She has a mischievous streak, but snuggles her way out of trouble frequently.

We've got a tradition of picking characters that represent our kids' personalities for their first birthday theme - Isaac was Curious George, Jon was Godzilla, Kai was a mix of Pinky and the Brain, and Abi is most definitely Rainbow Dash! (From "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic") She's sassy, athletic, and just plain fun!

Gotta be honest - Abi has thrown us for a few loops in the last couple years, but we are overjoyed to have this little girl in our family!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Jon is seven today. He was super excited for this birthday, and we were super excited to celebrate him. He is definitely his father's son (his temperament is ALL Mark), but he has a style all his own. He has a crazy mop of hair that he rocks! He is insanely creative, which meshes well with his desired career path: mad genius (his words, not mine).

Grandma and Grandpa Wallace got to be here for his special day, which made him feel pretty special.

This year's cake request was pretty low key: a cake with Snickerdoodle buttercream, with PacMan and Max (a superhero Jon created for a school project - complete with rocket boys). Luckily, he had a picture of Max I was able to trace with salted caramel.

 Jon is a great snuggler, and an incredible cheerleader. I love watching him play with Abi, as he's always gentle, but engaging. He is a brilliant mathematician, and a great reader. He has quite the flair for the dramatic. Our lives would definitely be far more boring without him! We still love our Jon!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

11 Months!

Still loves kicking headbands everywhere...

Still an awesome eater! (That's salmon, broccoli, and brown rice. Also, Kai was in trouble because he refused to sit down for prayer, because he was too excited about eating broccoli...)

I think she does this on purpose, just so she can get a bath.

Aunt Brittany went with us to the splash pad. Abi LOVED it! She was a little upset with Brittany for holding her back while I took a picture.

Mark thought she'd look cute with a flower in her tiny bit of hair. It lasted about two seconds. (So did the deck of cards...)

She loves snuggles more than this picture indicates...

A new favorite food: fresh peas. I can't shell them fast enough!

Oh, and she dances constantly. Whenever we turn on the blender or the vacuum, she rocks out. If it could possibly be perceived a having rhythm, it's dance music!

A Jon moment: One of our neighbors is constantly working outside without a shirt on. He tends to wear khaki shorts, which are similar to his skin tone, so he looks totally naked from afar. I happened to look out the window, and said "Man, he's out there naked again." Jon's response: "Yeah. He's gotta be on drugs."

A Kai moment: We have a fan in the boys' room, and they were experimenting with a balloon in the air stream one night. After lights out, Kai came down. His complaint? "I can't sleep because Jon is disturbing the vortex!"

Isaac's moments this week were not overly exciting. He caught strep again. In June. That kid is good.